In conjunction with our 20th Anniversary Celebration, KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital introduces #DamansaraCare.  Through #DamansaraCare, a series of fun challenges and activities will be organised to encourage the public’s participation in fun fund-raising activities.  It is a call to action.

Through our 20th Year Anniversary Celebration year, we will be channelling all funds towards:

  • IMAM Response & Relief Team (IMARET) – an organisation that comprises volunteers from a varied medical background for disaster relief
  • MERCY Malaysia – A Volunteer Relief Organisation that provides medical and humanitarian services both locally and abroad: and lastly
  • Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) – a non-profit humanitarian organisation that aimed to provide relief to areas and countries with conflict and/or natural disasters.

How Does It Work


STEP 1: Agree to take the challenge

If you have not been nominated by another person on social media, you can go to to donate to any or all of the three causes mentioned. Once you have done that, you can post a picture of yourself Love Slapping anyone or anything. The Love Slap can be conducted in any way that you like. Also, please mention that you have donated to Damansara Care and you would like to challenge your friends to the Love Slap Challenge or donate or do both within 24 hours. Then, post it up on your social media wall and tag your friends (that you have mentioned in your video) to do the Love Slap Challenge or donate or organize both.


STEP 2: Accept the challenge

A key element of this campaign is that you will have to respond to this challenge within 24 hours of being challenged. If you are unable to do it within 24 hours, do not let that deter you from participating and donating.


STEP 3: Planning

Plan about what you’d like to slap and props that you need to use before you film.


STEP 4: State the facts

Provide only facts.

  • State your name, and the name of the person who challenged you
  • Accept the challenge. You can keep it simple by saying, “I accept the Love Slap Challenge,” or you can reflect more on the act of doing the greater good (to a cause/benefit like IMARET, MERCY Malaysia, Malaysian Relief Agency). Keep it short and if possible on-point.
  • Challenge three more people (state their names) and say they have 24 hours to complete the challenge.
  • Say that you are donating money (in addition to the Love Slap Challenge) to Damansara Care.


STEP 5: Execute the Challenge

Conduct the actual Love Slap Challenge. Slap the targeted person/s or anything.


STEP 6: Time to upload

Upload video onto social media. You can use facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.


STEP 7: Spread the word

Use hashtags. Spread the awareness of the campaign by using #damansaracare #loveslapdsh


STEP 8: Tagging is caring

Tag the people on your social media platform/s that you want to challenge.


STEP 9: Share the donation link

Provide the donation link. The Love Slap Challenge is about awareness and gathering donations, so provide a donation link right there in your post ( ), as well as tagging your challenged friends to encourage their participation, too.


STEP 10: Donate

Donate! The mainstay of the challenge was to engage everyone to either do the challenge or donate, however, it’s a good idea to do both to help the cause towards the three humanitarian organizations (IMARET, MERCY Malaysia & MALAYSIAN RELIEF AGENCY)

Download the LoveSlap Challenge Guide

Love Slap Challenge guide

Our Journey As A Hospital


The Love Slap Challenge is a fund-raising campaign which encourages participants to donate or participate or both. The ‘slap’ is meant to be in affection and not with malicious intent. To participate means you understand that the slaps are meant to show care.

Who would you like to release fund to:

Important Note:

Information on donation to Malaysian Relief Agency and IMARET can be made via :

Payment for IMARET can be made to:

Persatuan Perubatan Islam Malaysia (IMAM)
8600 703 709
Swift code: CTBBMYKL
Label “Rohingya” (online bank)

Payment to Malaysian Relief Agency can be made online via:

A backgrounder of our campaign 

About our CSR program :KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital (KPJ DSH)  launched the Damansara Care  programmme on the 2nd October 2017 that provides  a platform to drive donations channeled into several NGOs.  The NGOs identified for the first phase of this fund-raising activity is  IMARET, MERCY Malaysia and Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA). The public can donate on the Damansara Care page at

Our website has links to for all three NGO’s online platforms for donations.

About our Social Media Campaign: Our campaign is called the Love Slap challenge. The objective is to Love Slap a person close to the participant or donate via the Damansara Care platform ( or do both.  Individuals who are challenged on their social media platforms are to organize their own Love Slap stunt – video record it and post it on their social media platforms with the hashtags #damansaracare #loveslapdsh – and in return challenge their friends and family members to do the same in a time frame of 24 hours.

The Love Slap (could be gentle or hard but conducted with love – or done in any way one would creatively conduct) could be towards anyone that one loves, even their pets, plants, etc.


The Love Slap Challenge is a CSR campaign which encourages participants to donate or participate or both. The ‘slap’ is meant to be in affection and not with malicious intent. To participate means you understand that the slaps are meant to show care.