International Patients

Overview – Medical Tourism in Malaysia

With the advent of globalisation and the advances in medical technology, Medical Tourism is transforming to become a more and more a common practice. Malaysia’s growing reputation as a preferred health and medical destination sees it welcoming visitors from around the world seeking remedies for a range of medical needs. These include both critical health services as well as cosmetic and remedial care.

Medical expertise in Malaysia ranks among the best in the world and most private hospitals in the country, similar to KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital (DSH), have internationally recognised quality and standards such as MS ISO9002 or accreditation by the Malaysian Medical Society for Quality of Health (MSQH). Malaysia Healthcare’s member hospitals also received several awards during the event. – Where KPJ Healthcare Berhad was outstanding at top of the list. All these private medical Centres are licensed and approved by the Ministry of Health.

Seeking Treatment with Us

Patients from all over the world travel to developing nations, like Malaysia, to receive quality medical treatment at affordable rates. Malaysia stands out as a value-for-money alternative offering relatively advanced treatment at very competitive prices. Medical charges and hospitalization costs here are very competitive compared to those in many developed countries, and expertise ranks among the best in the world.

Quick Fact: According to the Association of Private Hospitals in Malaysia (APHM), the number of medical tourists has grown by around 25% annually over the last 3 years

What We Have To Offer

KPJ DSH has attracted many foreign patients from all over the world. The inflow of medical tourists to the KPJDSH is a testimonial to our high-quality standards in the healthcare delivery. We have received patients from 111 countries ranging from neighbouring countries like Indonesia China, India, Philippines to Japan, Europe and the US.

KPJ DSH is conveniently located in an upscale area of Kuala Lumpur that has become a center for expatriates and young urban executives. The hospital offers an array of centers of excellence focusing on obesity, oncology, health promotion and wellness, neurosurgery, orthopedics and joint replacement, ophthalmology, and cardiac medicine and many more.

Our achievements

KPJ DSH has achieved many milestones in its quality initiatives and has been accredited by Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) and awarded with certification by an international body such as TUV Rheinland for Integrated Management System (IMS) that integrates and emphasizes on:

  • Quality Management System (MS ISO 9001:2008)
  • Environment (MS ISO 14001:2004)
  • Occupational, Safety and Health (OSHAS 18001:2007)

KPJ DSH is committed to continuously enhancing the quality of its services and facilities by investing in technology as well as ensuring that the best quality systems are in order for the benefits of our customers.

A Good Place For Treatment And Leisure

KPJ DSH in Malaysia offers accommodation ranging from comfortable to luxurious, including private rooms and suites. Meals are included and rates vary depending on the level of service required. Sleep-in facilities can also be easily provided for travelling companions and again, given Malaysia’s relatively low costs yet high standards of living, long–term stays are an acceptable option.

But perhaps the best thing about undergoing medical attention in KPJ DSH and Malaysia, especially for less critical care cases, must be the recuperation period. Patients have the opportunity to enjoy sightseeing and other tourist activities during their recuperation and convalescence. Indeed, for most patients, taking in a bit of sightseeing or going on a shopping spree could stimulate a quicker recovery.