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Dr Mohd Ridzo

Dr Mohd Ridzo

Speciality: ENT and Surgeon

Qualification:  MD (UKM), FRCS (Edin), M.S. (ORL/H&N Surg) (UKM), Fellowship in Otology (Harvard)

Languages: Malay, English

Education and Fellowship:

  1. Workshop on rehabilitation of laryngectomees at Faculty of Medicine UKM
  2. Temporal bone dissection course at Department of Otorhinolaryngology, UKM
  3. Otology and audiology course by Maurice Hawthorne at Vistana Hotel
  4. Intensive course in Otolaryngology at City Hospital, Greenbank of Otolaryngology
  5. Revision course in Otolaryngology conducted by Dr. Brian Dale at Department of Otoloaryngology, UKM
  6. Paediatric Otolaryngology course by Dr. P.D.Bull at Hospital Kuala Lumpur
  7. First KL Endoscopic Sinus Surgery course & workshop at Department of Otorhinilaryngology, UKM
  8. FESS course conducted by Dr. Brian Bingham at Hospital Kuala Lumpur
  9. Temporal bone dissection course at Massachusettes Eye and Ear, Infirmary, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Specialty Interests:


Research and Publications:

  1. Post Mortem study on the pattern of temporal bone fractures in patients with fatal head injury. Presented at the 1998 AGM of the Malaysian Society of Otorhinolaryngologist, Head & Neck Surgeon at The Mines Resort Hotel
  2. Traumatic Intratemporal Facial Nerve Injusy, M.S. Kenali, Mohd Ridzo Mahmud. Presented at Clinicopathological conference, Faculty of Medicine, HUKM
  3. Presented at the Annual Scientific Evening, The Malaysian Society of Otorhinolaryngologist, Head & Neck Surgeonsin RUKA Clinical Auditorium, University Malaya
  4. Management of Traumatic Facial Nerve Injury; Anatomy and the Electrophysiological test.
  5. Cochlear Nueronal Degeneration in Man: Implication for Cochlea implant. FOCUS meeting at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School, Bostonm USA
  6. Sigmoid Sinus Thrombosis In Middle Ear Infection. Presented at Clinicopathological Conference, Faculty of Medicine, HUKM

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